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My name is Victor Hightaian, you can call me Vic. I grew up in the middle of the country in a city called St Louis. One day I picked up the guitar and decided I wanted to be like the guy playing on the box. I have been glued to the damn thing since. The guitar that is, not the box. If I had a dollar for everytime I touched a G string I would not have to write this. Am I a staving artist? Thanks to the dollar menu, not any more!

I collect thoughts from life and try my best to give them a sound. What does that sound like you might ask? You could say Rock/Pop in your face tasting good like the candy pop rocks. A mellow twist of lemon and lime, with a playful and catchy dish arrangement. Something you find on the ground, pick up, and hold on to. Or you could just listen and find out!

My goal is to try and capture feelings. Music moves me, so i will try to move you!


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